Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ramblings about cruising

For 3 years Robert and I have been planning our trip to ??? My observations are
1. Most women HATE THIS
2. It is way harder than anyone can imagine
3. Get used to the boat breaking down, every day plan on some new problem !
4. A lot of relationships fail doing this.
5. Most people end up changing plans and course. Not a bad thing. It is ok to see the Sea of Cortez instead of sailing around the world. Don't be disappointed. It is ok.
6. You will meet the most wonderful people and make the best of friends.
7. I have a lot to learn.


Some random images from early in the trip

Steve and Michael and the famous "rocks" on the way into the Cabo showers and lots of Margaritas!!!!

Turtle Bay

The "Dolphin" in Cabo Harbor!

Bahia Santa Maria was one of our favorite stops on the way to Cabo!

The "crew" enjoying Margaritas on the Beach at Cabo San Lucas

Trip to Copper Canyon

Some of the fabulous views into the Canyon! "They" say this Canyon is longer and deeper then the Grand Canyon. One major difference is that the surrounding area here in Mexico reminds me of the Tahoe area whereas the Grand Canyon is more of desert environment. Great trainride up from Los Moches where we arrived from Baja Sur via the ferry, a six hour crossing of the Sea of Cortez.

The trip was over 5 days, we stayed at the Hotel Santa Anita in Los Mochis then took the train through the country side up to the Sierra Madre Mountains to Parque National Barranca de Cobre where the Canyon is.