Saturday, February 27, 2010

A great trip back to La Paz

Our trip back to La Paz was wonderful. We saw so much sea life. While at anchor in Los Muertos we had our own Sea World Dolphin show. The dolphins were really showing off, leaping through the air sometimes two at a time in a synchronized show. We clapped and hooted and hollered giving them a "10" . Wow, I have never seen anything like it.
We are back in La Paz now and will leave for San Diego in a couple of days so Robert can have his second carpel tunnel surgery. We are hoping to have the boat back in the water early April so we can sail the Sea of Cortez. Next season we hope to make it to El Salvador to wait out the hurricane season.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mazatlan and Carnival

Wow! Lots to see and do in Mazatlin....Carnival was interesting and fun was had by all. Spent time with our buddy boat yatistas, Jessies Girl and Leo and Larry on Chaz de Mar. We stayed at the El Cid Marina, a bit on the "Spendy" side for us "budget" crusiers but we enjoyed the jacuzzi and swimming pool a bunch. I have managed to get some good bike riding in although did suffer some bad road rash after a crash on the way out to a cool coffee shop in the Cerrito area, Looney Beans!!
Will post some photos soon.......meanwhile waiting for the "Norther" to blow itself out so we can head back to La Paz as we are leaving for San Diego on the 2nd of March. Can't wait to get the Blue Dolphin back in the water!!

Ciao for now!!

Lovin Mazatlan

La Paz to Mazatlan back to La Paz

This is the view from the restaurant having a "cuba libre" or rum and coke, where we are waiting for better weather to finish our sail back to La Paz from Mazatlan. We have had a great 3 weeks sailing on our friend's boat while ours is getting a new bottom job in La Paz. We had a lot of fun at the carnival celebration, relaxing in the sun at El Cid Marina resort at their pool and hot tub and enjoying visiting Mazatlan. Thought I would include some photos. kathy