Friday, May 21, 2010

A Video Clip of El Burro beach

Baking cinnamon rolls

Amazing what you can cook up in a itty bitty kitchen and an itty bitty oven! I made homemade bread also as we haven't been near a store in a couple of weeks and ran out of bread.

Lazy days at Conception Bay

Our friend from SV Aquadesiac enjoying life at Geary's unofficial yacht club on El Burro beach.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lazy day at Isla Coronados

View from our boat this morning. It was a truly magical morning with the rays jumping out of the water and doing belly flops with loud splashes just in front of the boat. Large bait balls of fish went by the boat. A floating armada of tiny fish. A mother whale and juvenile gave us a show with tails slapping the water, fins splashing the water and water spouts!!! The north wind came in strong and it is too rough to really leave the boat so this was a day of reading, internet (only 7 miles from Loreto), eating and sleeping--another rough day. If anyone wants to see where we are on google earth we are at Lat 26 degrees 06 minutes and 41.50 seconds, Long 111 degrees, 17 min, 02.23 seconds.
Another beautiful sunset.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dolphins visiting us

Loretofest and Puerto Escandido May 1st

Kathy and her new "bottom fishing rig"...caught 5 small fish yesterday.
Some friend came to visit....Larry, Arlean and Steve,,,,aboard the Perigrine, one of our buddy boats. We always have at lleast one get-together once we arrive at a new anchorage. This is in Puerto Escandido.
During our visit to the Loretofest we took a taxi into Loreto and spent one night in a bed that didn't move. Great treat. this is one of the town squares in the historic part of the City. Found a good coffee place....of course.
Some kaycking was done......
So here is the "Dolphin" in calm waters off of Puerto Escandido during Loretofest....a 3 day "cruise-in" with 124 boats from all over the Sea of Cortez and the Mexican Mainland. Spent a week there enjoying the festivities. Kathy went to a few fishing lectures, me, I played bocce ball and cam in third with my friend steve from UBUNTU, one of our "buddy boats.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sailing the Sea of Cortez

The shark got most of the fish! Oscar and Erica worked hard to get this fish aboard. He was big! We think it is a Bonita. No fish tonight

We look like true cruisers with stuff stacked everywhere on the boat. The beaches are beautiful, the water warm, the snorkeling and diving fun. We are buddy boating with 3 other boats--Ubuntu with Steve and Arleen, Perigrin with Mugs and Larry, and Aquadesiac with Doug and Linda.

Erica and Oscar were our crew for our trip to Loreto Fest. They are originally from Columbia, moved to Alaska and are currently on a bicycle trip that originated in Port Townsend, Washington. We met them in La Paz and they stayed on our roof top along with 3 other bicyclists for a couple of weeks.
They are brother and sister and we really enjoyed their company, enthusiasm and all the help they gave us sailing from La Paz to Loreto. They enjoyed the adventure of learning to sail and all the work it entails. We will miss them tremendously. I feel so lucky to meet them and hope we get to see them again some day.

Back in the water at last

After 2 months the boat bottom is complete with 12 coats of assorted epoxies, primer a

nd bottom paint. We flew to San Diego and brought special paint and expoxies back with us across the Mexico border and down to La Paz taking 6 days and having lots of fun visiting the coastal towns along the way. It was a beautiful drive with no problems or hassels along the way. I really don't know why people are so reluctant to drive here in Mexico. It isn't the US for sure but overall the roads weren't that bad and we never drove at night so we wouldn't hit a cow in the road. The hotels averaged $25 a night and dinners $10 for the both of us. There are some gorgeous bays along the way we hope to visit with the boat.