Tuesday, June 8, 2010

San Carlos/Guaymas

We left Santa Rosalia at 10 pm and sailed all night arriving in San Carlos at the Marina Real where we have a slip rented for the summer. We had an uneventful, mostly motoring night but had some beautiful starlit skys. We had an extra passenger, Ted. He was going to take the ferry back to San Carlos but heard we were headed that way and asked for a ride. It was nice to have another sailor onboard to help with the watches and sails. He was a great help.

Another rough passage!

Our favorite hangout

Santa Rosalia

We anchored in Santa Rosalia harbor for 3 days. It is an old copper mining town with lots of dust, dirt and not a lot of charm. The best part was the hot dogs wrapped in bacon and deep fried--an artery clogger for sure. Robert spent a lot of time working on the alternator, our main head is not pumping out and all of a sudden we are having some electrical problems. Ah the crusing life. We were ready to leave this anchorage asap!

Punta Chivato

On our way to Santa Rosalia we stopped at Punta Chivato. We were surprized to find a large community there, mostly ex-pats with house that lined a dirt airfield. Evidently they fly down in the Winter and sometimes for a long weekend. Right next to this anchorage was this beautiful resort, Bahia de la Flores. We went ashore several times for cocktails and on A Sat. night we stayed in one of their beautiful rooms.......a nice break from the boat as we approaching almost a month on this part of the trip from Puerto Escandido to San Carlos. We met a couple from Palo Alto that we shared some pool time with...have met and made some great friends during this trip.

We stayed there in Punta Chivato for several days, I did some kyacking and Kathy went snorking and "shelling"! This beach had more shells then we had seen anywhere else. The weather here was great and it was a pleasant anchorage to spend some time in.

Robert training for the Furnace Creek 508 bicycle race in October. I wonder how many other cruisers have a bicycle trainer onboard? What dedication!