Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Punta Chivato

On our way to Santa Rosalia we stopped at Punta Chivato. We were surprized to find a large community there, mostly ex-pats with house that lined a dirt airfield. Evidently they fly down in the Winter and sometimes for a long weekend. Right next to this anchorage was this beautiful resort, Bahia de la Flores. We went ashore several times for cocktails and on A Sat. night we stayed in one of their beautiful rooms.......a nice break from the boat as we approaching almost a month on this part of the trip from Puerto Escandido to San Carlos. We met a couple from Palo Alto that we shared some pool time with...have met and made some great friends during this trip.

We stayed there in Punta Chivato for several days, I did some kyacking and Kathy went snorking and "shelling"! This beach had more shells then we had seen anywhere else. The weather here was great and it was a pleasant anchorage to spend some time in.

Robert training for the Furnace Creek 508 bicycle race in October. I wonder how many other cruisers have a bicycle trainer onboard? What dedication!

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