Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We are still here in La Paz. Robert left for San Diego this morning for Doctor appointments and to get my car ready to sell. It looks like we will be cruising for awhile and I don't see any need for a car. We do a lot of walking around town, taxi's and buses. Our next stop will be Mazatlan for carnival. It should be a blast with other couples meeting us there. A week of non stop parties, music, parades similar to Mari Gras. We will try to rent a room on the parade route for good viewing. We have a week reserved at the El Cid Marina resort while in Mazatlan as we have heard the anchorage is near the sewer plant and doesn't smell too good! Then off to Puerto Vallarta where I have heard they have some good anchorages.

We had a wonderful Christmas with our friends from Babeeze and Ubuntu. All crusiers refer to each other by boat name. The cruisers net on VHF radio each day at 8 am is a wonderful resource for anything local. Club Cruceros hosts it and every day someone gives the weather, any emergencies, local assistance, swaps and trades, tides, rides and crew--I got on the radio the other day as our electric cord needed repair and by the end of the day 4 people had come by to see if they could help! Awesome.

My life long crazy friend Kay ( that I love dearly) came to visit for 10 days and even spent her first Christmas away from her family with me. I am honored.

We had so much fun! Robert and I and Steve and Arleen from Ubuntu went to the Island of Ispirtu Santos for 3 days. We tried 3 different anchorages and each had it's own beauty and attractions. The Island is protected and only a few fish camps are allowed. The water was a beatiful turquoise blue, the beaches white sand with fun shelling, hiking and kayaking.

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