Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our New Home (for awhile) and New Friends

We are enjoying our new little apartment. The compound is completely walled and has a very nice family feel to it. Their is a great room with a huge, huge kitchen, tables, couches and American TV. A fun congregating place for guests. The compound comes complete with two very fat, friendly and lazy dogs and a new adopted black kitten that loves to lay in my lap and sleep and purr.

I can see myself building a little Casita in Mexico when my cruising days are done. I love the laid back lifestyle. It does come with drawbacks such as horrible sidewalks and hurricaines. It is amazing to see the number of ex-pats living here. We got our FM3 which allows us to live here for a year. It can be renewed each year and after 5 you can become a resident. Who knows where we will end up? Having fun! Come visit.

We have been hosting a couple from Germany that have been on an 8 month bicycle trip starting in Anchorage, Alaska and they will continue on to the tip of South America. Nilz and Carolyn are a wonderful young couple and we have enjoyed. There is the ferry but it costs a lot for most of their budgets so they look for a free ride to the mainland. They are living on the boat in the boatyard under pretty primitive conditions but they usually spend most nights in a small tent they pitch wherever they can find a spot so this is luxurious to them. We finally found them a ride on a catamaran leaving in a week so they are excited to add a sailing adventure to their adventure. We will miss them when they leave.

Nilz and Carolyn

Sam, from The Neatherlands was our first bicyclist to stay on the Blue Dolphin.
He is cycling from Newfoundland to South America. I have heard recently he is in Costa Rica now. He is the most minimalist cyclist we have met. A small backpack and a light road bike is all he carries. He sleeps under a tarp at night. What a nice guy.

Alex and Meredith bicycled from Canada to La Paz and are on their way to Panama.
What an adventuresome group of kids these are. So fun to have on the boat to share their stories.

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