Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Journey to Isla Isabel

The Blue Dolphin anchored in the southern bay on Isla Isabel around the middle of December before we headed to La Cruz to spend Christmas with the Zepplin Group. The island is a wonderful national bird preserve with frigate birds and the famous blue footed boobies. We all went ashore and hiked around....not a good time to watch the movie "birds" as there are our feathered friends....EVERYWHERE!!
Kathy loves to eat fresh fish.....cleaning, not so much! Fish was caught by Nils and Leo using a spear gun....best way! There is a small fishing camp here, a co-op and the fisherman spend a week or so here fishing then head back to the mainland. That's the "dolphin" in the background as well as our friends Aquadesiac.

Fishing camp and one of the pangas they use.

A rough way to live!

Baby Frigate bird....amazing that we could get this close! BTW, this island was made famous by Jacques Cousteau.

Male frigate bird strutting his colors trying to attract a mate.

Blue footed booby and eggs.

Call me Mister Bird !!!!

Frigate birds over the island......so many!!

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