Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Topolabumpo to San Blas MX

"Field trip", Leo and the Python Snake that resides on Stone Island near Pizza Benji's.....
Topolabumpo to Mazatlan via San Blas, January 2011

Kathy and Aquadesiac's French crewman, Leo making bread in the Blue Dolphin Galley! Awesome bread, a real treat while crusing.
Nils, Caro and Leo on the windward side of Stone Island. A hard hike from Pizza Benji's.

Pizza Benji's on Stone Island. Just a short Panga ferry ride from the old harbor....and a short walk. A large group of us from the Blue Dolphin, Seabear and Ron and Heather fron Sundancer. Many Ballenas of Pacifico were drank as well as at least 6 large pizzas of all sort of ingrediants.
Pizza Benji's HOME.

San Blas. Famous church which inspired the poem, "Bells of San Blas" by Longfellow. Intersting town, up a river. We decided to anchor in the Bay around the point to get as far away as possible from the "no seeums".....tiny bugs that make you itch a lot. San Blas is a short taxi ride from the anchorage. We were able to get fresh spring water at the nearby palapa bar.

San Blas Plaza.

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