Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bay of Dreams aka Bay of the Dead Nov 13

We are toughing it out here for a few days waiting for better weather to La Paz. Roughing it. Actually we are sitting here at a beautiful restaurant having breakfast burritos looking out over a beautiful bay with a beautiful white sand beach and turquoise clear water. There are about 20 boats in the bay, most from the haha. It is just a fishing camp mainly with a restaurant and a hotel. We took our dinghy over to the hotel last night, pulled it up on the beach and enjoyed the gorgeous facilities. They had an infinity pool Robert went swimming in, hammocks to lay in, a swim up bar. As we arrived in the Bay yesterday afternoon I heard "Kathy" really loud but couldn't figure where it was coming from but soon I heard from my good friend Eva on Babeeze on the VHF radio. They had sailed all the way from Mazatlan (190 nautical miles) to meet up with us!!! I met Eva a year ago in Ballena Isle, Alameda as they were preparing to leave on the 2008 Baja Ha Ha. about 8 couples are meeting tonight at the restaurant for dinner. There goes the cruising budget!
We had a great crew member come with us from Cabo. Charlie is his name and what a great guy. I wish he could stay forever with us. He taught me about fishing, cooked, cleaned, and jumped up to help whenever we needed it. He had to leave yesterday to make it back to Cabo for his flight out as the weather isn't cooperating for the final leg to La Paz. We miss you Charlie!
Now the big test comes as Robert and I are on our own-no crew. I have been struggling with the anchoring but I think I am getting it down. We motored most of the way from Cabo to here. Either too much wind or not enough. We had dolphins jumping and swimming in front of the boat on the way here from Los Freiles. No fish though. Steve caught a yellow fin tuna and 2 mahi mahi on the way to Cabo and we really enjoyed eating it. I have heard that the way to kill the fish is to pour cheap tequilla in their gills and they die instantly. I think I will try that instead of beating them about the head with a billy club. Lots of blood and fish guts flying.
Landing the dinghy on the beach with surf is still a challenge. Our first landing ended up with the boat sideways in the surf, Robert got it turned around and it filled half way with water from a wave! I really hate landings and takeoffs from the beach. It is alwasy fun getting into the dinghy from the boat with things rocking and rolling! Some interesting experiences:
forgetting to put the plug in the dinghy before we put it in the water.
trying to go snorkeling but having to get through waves to do it and getting thrown back on the beach several times before being successful--nice scrape on the leg
loosing the use of our solar panels for 3 days but luckily finding a loose wire and now we are back charging
running out of red wine--our crew drank 5 boxes! But we did have the best parties on our boat.
forgetting the fish in the cooler and running out of ice-smelly
staying up all night because the winds in the anchorage here picked up to over 20 knots and boats were dragging anchor.

Today I am going to work on sanding and varnishing the hatch cover I think, or maybe I will just read a book. I spend yesterday scrubbing and polishing the floors. Amazing how dirty a boat can get. We are looking forward to La Paz as we have a slip at a nice resort until Thanksgiving. Robert will have to go back to the US in Jan for doctor visits and I want to visit my kids in Texas. Our plans are "written in the sand at low tide" as Eva says. Anyone want to come visit?
I wasn't sure I would like this life but for now it is heaven. Love to all, Kathy

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