Monday, November 9, 2009

San Diego to Turtle Bay

We left San Diego Oct 26th. What a sight! Over 190 sailboats all leaving at the same time! As we left the bay and sailed into the ocean huge colorful spinnaker sails used in light air started flying. Usually most sails are white with maybe a few letters or small decoration but the spinnakers are all wild colors and designs. We put ours up but it didn't last long. It caught on a step and made a long tear tht is too big for me to repair and will have to go to a sailmaker in La Paz. After the first day the next two are a blur for me. I got very very sea sick. The winds picked up to 20 to 30 knots which was good for sailing but the seas became really wild with 10 to 12 foot swells and confused seas. (Meaning all shit broke loose and waves were coming from all directions and we were rocking and rolling big time) Lots of boats ended up making an unscheduled stop for the night in an anchorage to wait out the storm but we pressed on about 60 miles out to sea. Eventually we decided to come in closer to land looking for calmer seas but didn't find any and it set us back about 12 hours. Even though we deviated from the straight course to Turtle Bay, our first anchorage, we were among the first to arrive. On the second and third days I spent almost the whole time on the couch tucked in with a lee cloth sicker than a dog. I tried every sea sickness remedy known to man kind. Nothing worked. After the 3rd day the wind and seas calmed down and I have felt great!!! It took us two days to make it from Turtle Bay to our next stop Baja Santa Maria mostly motor sailing because of the light winds. I am finding there is usually too much wind or too little !!! Kathy

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  1. Kathy, I, with my gaggle of 4 other women, will be following you Saturday via stinkpot. Hopefully you have assuaged the rough seas so our cruise will be less eventful on our tummies. Im guessing Robert loved the rough seas, old salt that he is. Mel and Larry just happen to be at the police dock doing work, where our NuMoon is docked. Serendipitious. See you for Thanksgiving!