Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We have been in Marina Palmira for over a week enjoying the city of La Paz. The weather has been wonderful. It is winter here and the temperatures are in the 70's and sunny every day. Yesterday I bought a big bag of fresh shrimp from a gentleman here on the dock (today he was selling huge fresh scallops) took them back to the boat, boiled them up with some seasoning and we sat down and peeled and ate shrimp until I couldn't eat another bite! Tomorrow is the annual cruiser's Thanksgiving dinner here at the marina. They supply all the turkeys and everyone brings a dish. I made two pecan pies. Quite an undertaking with a little boat oven!
The cruiser's etiquette is to bring all your own utensils, plates, drinks to all parties, dinners and get togethers.
Our next plan is a trip to Copper Canyon. It is a canyon 5 times the size of the Grand Canyon. We take a 6 hour ferry ride to the mainland at Topolobombo, a cab to our hotel, get up the next morning to board the train that goes through the canyon (a 14 hour ride) over 80 tunnels and many bridges , 2 nights at a gorgeous hotel that is perched right on a cliff that hangs out over the canyon (each room has a balcony right over the canyon), a horseback ride along the canyon, a short train ride to Creel that is home to the Tamurara Indians, back on the train heading back we get off in El Fuente, a cute town with lots of architecture and one night in a hotel there then a ferry ride home at 11 pm with our own cabin and arrive home at 5 am. The Copper Canyon has been on my bucket list for a long time.
We rented a van and Robert and I and 2 other couples took a drive up to Toto Santos, ate a wonderful lunch at Hotel California and a fun trip to Walmart. It was a little unnerving when we were stopped by the police who said we were speeding. Maybe we were but everyone else was going faster than us! Luckily Paul, our driver speeks spanish and somehow he was able to talk his way out of a ticket.
It is quite dry here. Only 2 inches of rain a year. The landscape is desert with lots of cactus but it is very beautiful in it's own way. The city is very safe and has a high per capita income. Low crime. Many Americans never leave once they get here.
We have to take the boat to a boat yard and have it hauled out to put on a new transducer/depthfinder before we take off for the Island of Espirtu Santos to swim, snorkel, dive, fish and swim with the seals. There are gorgeous bays to anchor in, hiking, shelling and just plain relaxing and goofing off. My friend Kay is coming to visit for a couple of weeks. I hope other friends will come enjoy the boat with us.

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