Friday, November 6, 2009

we are on our way!

I am sitting here trying . my best to remember what day it is! Ok, I looked at my computer calendar and it says it is Tuesday Nov 3. It is so nice not to have to think about what day or time it is. I put away my watch and haven't worn it since we left San Diego.

We are at anchor in a beautiful bay called Bahia Santa Maria. One side of the bay has some pretty impressive hills that are actually very green from all the rain the hurricaine recently brought. The other side of the bay has a long sandy beach with some small surf. It is our second stop since we left.

Our crew consists of 5 friends that are helping us sail to Cabo San Lucas. Lori, I met many years ago through relatives. She is such great help, a good cook and always smiling. Bob is Lori's partner and he has been working non stop on our boat before and during our trip. A perfectionist. He makes me feel safer as he is always looking out for things that could cause potential problems. Steve is our boat mechanic from our days in Alameda, Ca. How lucky we are to have our own boat mechanic onboard. He wins the prize (whatever that is) for fixing the head (toilet in boat speak) which consisted of having to deal with a lot of nasty stuff. He must have a stomach of steel for he was doing this in a small confined space with the smell of diesel, the smell of hot rubber (some belts were hot and putting off a bad odor) and with the boat rocking and rolling. I can't thank him enough. Michael is a great friend we met when we first bought our boat and had it in San Leandro. He is strong and always ready to jump up and help with any dangerous situation. He is patient with me, a real newbie to all of this with so much to learn. He is teaching me how to fish. We haven't caught anything yet but some boats have reported some good fishing. I need to call them on the radio and find out their secret to sucess. Terry is the newest of our boat crew. She is a member of the single sailing society that Michael belongs to. The boat she was to crew on had some serious problem and had to drop out. She has done some interesting things one of which is car racing. She is also a great writer and has written some beautiful poetry on the trip which she says I can include in our journal.

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