Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Iglesia de San Fernando (The Catholic Church in Guaymas)


We had a wonderful evening at the Catholic Church in Guaymas, Mexico.  They had 3 well known (at least I was told) opera singers perform.  The richness of their voices was amazing within the walls of the beautiful church.  The acoustics were spectacular.   The second half of the performance was a local chorus performing traditional Christmas music and a procession that portrayed the history of Mexico.  Of course I didn't understand a word.  I think the opera music was in Italian.   Most Mexican towns have beautiful churches and plazas.  There is always an array of music, food and entertainment to enjoy and it made it more special to share it with our friends Larry and Mel.

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  1. Adventure in a church? Sounds great! Normally people have spiritual feelings while attending the ceremony at church but everyone has their own experiences. The performance of opera does have some element of attraction to me.