Tuesday, December 17, 2013

San Carlos highlights

The view from our condo at night can be spectacular.  It is very quiet here in San Carlos.  So many places are shut down and it seems almost deserted.  You can tell this used to be a hopping place.  Lots of restaurants and bars ,   mostly closed down and empty.  The Gringos are scared to come here.  It is a shame that the people here are really suffering from the loss of economy due to the bad publicity about Mexico back home.  Actually statistics show it is safer here than most places in the US.  Sure certain areas you avoid just like you would back in the States.  There is a lot of poverty.  A lot of people probably would be turned off.  It isn't Hawaii but the people are wonderful.  The food is amazing.  The beaches are pretty and the price is right!!!!    Next adventure is 4 days in Alamos.  About a 3 hour drive up in the mountains to a small colonial town that used to be very rich with silver mines.  It has a lot of history and beautiful buildings.  I hope to take a tour of the old colonial homes that is offered and Robert can't wait to get his sketch book out.  Love to all!!!


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  1. The place looks so peaceful and quiet and the view is fantastic. The pictures look amazing and thanks a lot for sharing them. Keep up the great work.