Saturday, December 7, 2013

To was Market Day along the "Malecon" just down from the Condo. Had   some coffee and walked around. Kathy bought some ear rings and I bought a small water color print of the local anchorage!!

Met our friends Jim & Juanita & headed over to JJ's 4 lunch of tacos!  
I've been able to manage some nice bike rides and on Thur. we went out to the Soggy Peso Bar and Kathy wandered on the beach and I went 4 a ride.
Today we are going to laze around but plan on starting some serious interior work on the boat next week. I bought a new hatch today @ the swap meet to replace the old wooden foredeck one that leaks!

Adios 4 now!!

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  1. Nice pictures! It seems that you have a good time during your trip. All the best with your deck repair work, will look forward to more pictures and posts from your next trip.